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Representing our neighbors for over 60 years!
Ruskin Heights Homes Association is the largest homes association in Greater Kansas City. Established in 1953 it has served the community through the Ruskin Tornado of 1957 and erected the monument seen in the picture above. Board members are elected in November to serve a calendar year. They meet the second Tuesday of each month. Homeowners meetings are in May and November. Members are welcome to Board meetings. For information call the office from 9 AM to 3 PM Mon-Fri. We hope that this new website will be useful for all of our residents and we challenge each of you to become involved in our community. We invite you to engage your neighbors through the Nextdoor program. It’s like Facebook, only with your neighbors. Ruskin Heights Homes Association has a lot of history for the South Kansas City area. In the future we will be bringing back the 1957 Ruskin Heights Tornado Memorial pictures and information. We look forward to any feedback that you may have in getting our website to be a useful resource for everyone.